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“We trust Access Worldwide for our international mail.  When our mail leaves our facility, we never have to worry about it again because Access has always handled it.  They are great to work with.”

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We back every customer with our Arrive 5 Guarantee.

  1. Right price – lowering your total costs
  2. Right place – Improving deliverability
  3. Right time – Saving you money and saving you time
  4. Less hassle – simplifying your process
  5. Better service – providing dedicated team support

The -ACCESS Process. No savings left behind.

We deliver the Lowest Total Cost of Global Mailing, not just by negotiating better rates, but by squeezing more costs, inefficiencies, and waste out of your mail stream. You get a more efficient, more comprehensive process, plus a more personalized service. We call it the A-ACCESS Process.


A-Access Checkpoints ensure superior quality control throughout this process:

  • Before we handle any of your mailings, we create a customer profile that includes your specific preferences such as pickup locations, contacts, handling, or global routing requirements (based on cost, speed, or even the posting points that will improve response rates and/or ROI). We find out what matters most to you and enter it into your customer profile.
  • Then, we create an e-AirBill for each individual job, listing its unique specifications. As your mailing items pass through our global processing centers, this e-AirBill will always precede them.
  • At five separate A-Access Checkpoints, we check your items against the specific instructions and preferences in your customer profile as well as the specifications listed on your e-AirBill. This dramatically improves outcomes, ensuring on-target delivery that saves time, saves money, and meets all your specifications and preferences.